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Live independently at home.
Smarter, safer, longer.

We help older adults live where and how they want—with more informed health and wellness support and less worry.

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We’re not caregivers, we’re Lifeguards.

Ready to help you look out for what you love most: your independence, safety, privacy, and well-being—and your family’s peace of mind.

The help you need, the privacy you want.

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Our unique hybrid service is designed for older adults who live on their own and want some support, an emergency plan in place, help navigating health and wellness services—and also value their independence, lifestyle, and privacy.

Lifeguard combines wellness support from a local Registered Nurse with an in-home system of discreet smart sensors that learn lifestyle patterns and gather wellness insights 24/7—and send an alert if a fall or medical emergency is detected.

One service, three ways we help.

Get support, guidance, and weekly check-ins from a caring professional RN who stays informed 24/7, partners with you, and keeps your family in the loop.

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Your Lifeguard RN

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Lifeguard’s Lookout System

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Monthly Wellness Reports

We make life easier.

For independent older adults who live alone—and the people who care about them. We can work directly with families or partner with a home care or care management agency.

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A local Lifeguard RN partners with you, providing support, wellness insights and advice, and help navigating health and wellness services while building a trusted relationship.

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Care Professionals

Lifeguard provides a seamless pre-home care service for your light-care prospective clients and also can augment traditional home care and care management for your current clients.

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A Registered Nurse is the heart and soul of our service.

Hi. I'm Cecile. I’m a Lifeguard RN, ready to look out for you or your loved one.

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Lifeguard’s RN in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Our Lookout System keeps your Lifeguard RN and family members informed, 24/7.

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Lifeguard’s proprietary system of discreet smart sensors—no cameras or listening devices—keeps your Lifeguard RN and your family informed and helps keep you safer.

We track and review key indicators of overall wellness:

  • Sleep Quality
  • Physical Activity
  • Social Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Bathroom Use
  • Mobility or Falls
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Lifeguard’s unique hybrid service is different from home care. A Lifeguard RN—not a caregiver—provides support, guidance, and help navigating health and wellness services. Lifeguard is designed for older adults who want some help to live independently with more confidence and safety—but don’t need traditional home care.

No, Lifeguard is not a home care provider. We do partner with select home care and care management agencies to augment those services and to ensure that clients receive the optimal level of care with 24/7 coverage and an emergency plan.

Yes. Lifeguard’s service can augment traditional home care, either at the very start of a client’s care journey or further down the road as physical or cognitive conditions progress and care needs increase.

Lifeguard does not provide home healthcare, medical or nursing care. Lifeguard RNs may offer wellness advice, which does not constitute medical advice, diagnoses, or opinions and are not intended to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical or nursing advice.

We are currently offering our service in the San Francisco Bay Area and South Florida. Please call us or submit your contact information to see if you are in our service area.