Lifeguard’s New Approach to Home Care

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans ages 50 to 80 feel it’s important to age independently at home. However, about half of those polled acknowledge that they have not made preparations to do so. Unfortunately, for those who wish to age gracefully in their own homes, certain roadblocks – such as caregiver burnout and a shortage of home-care workers – can interfere with this desired goal.

With millions of Americans seeking a safe way to remain in place and adult children grappling to find care solutions to support their parents, a new approach to home care is certainly needed. That’s where we come in. At Lifeguard, we’re thrilled to provide at-home concierge care services through our proven video visits and in-home hybrid care model. Below, we’re detailing our services and sharing what makes our new approach to home care different.

Our Personalized Hybrid Care Model

With our care model, a Lifeguard Registered Nurse utilizes his or her extensive nursing experience and dynamic skill set to evaluate, assess, and address the ever-changing clinical needs of current and future medical needs of patients. This allows our Lifeguard Registered Nurse to collaborate with family and existing care providers, and partner with our advanced team of clinical professionals to ensure the highest level of care for your loved one and peace of mind for families. It’s this access to an in-home Health Companion and our clinical Care Team, which consists of virtual physical therapists, nutritionists, and pharmacists, that makes Lifeguard so unique. Not only do we manage present wellness, but we also anticipate what challenges might be on the horizon and take preventative action whenever possible to reduce stress and improve quality of life at the same time.

Utilizing State-of-the-Art Technology for Optimal Care

Collaboration, rigorous reporting, transparency, and accessibility are critical to success in healthcare. Lifeguard has built a proprietary digital portal that allows all stakeholders invested in a patient’s health and wellness to engage with the patient, as well as share, review, and access information through the Apple watch, iPad, and iPhone along with the suite of Apple Health applications.

With Lifeguard, we continually monitor patients’ sleep, steps, heart rate and rhythm, and oxygen saturation to ensure their safety. We also utilize fall detection and location tracking software, medication and appointment reminders, an emergency SOS button, motion sensors, and smart speakers. With all of this collective information synced to the Lifeguard App, not only will your parent’s safety be top priority, but you and your loved one’s care team will also be in the know 24/7.  

Initiate a Conversation Today

We know the process of recognizing that additional support is needed can be emotional, overwhelming, and difficult. However, we know that getting experienced, reliable, and vigilant help shouldn’t be. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized approach to concierge home care and how we can help your family.

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