Lifeguard Health | Partnering With Care Professionals
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Join the Lifeguard Team!

We’re building relationships with a few select home care providers and care managers in the Bay Area and South Florida.

Lifeguard is the missing piece in the senior care puzzle.

How do we know? Our in-house team has decades of combined experience in this industry. We’ve designed a unique hybrid service to fill the gaps and ease the most common challenges care professionals face. No additional caregivers required.

Pre-Home Care Support

We can help older adults live independently at home for longer before they need traditional home care or care management—while reducing stress and worry for their families.

Enhanced Traditional Care

We can augment traditional home care and care management with 24/7 in-home monitoring and urgent response support, plus Wellness Insights from a local Lifeguard RN.

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Tired of saying no to short shifts?

When you partner with Lifeguard, you can say yes to more clients who need a little support to live independently but aren’t yet ready for caregivers. You’ll also be able to extend coverage for your current clients, adding our reliable 24/7 solution to your service, and get access to our Wellness Insights.

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We can help you.

Do you have prospective clients who live alone and have experienced a trigger event like a fall, medical diagnosis, or death of a spouse? If you have new clients with safety worries or emerging health concerns who want support but don’t yet need caregivers, we can help.

Lifeguard’s seamless, pre-home care service allows you to:

  • Offer light-care prospects a reliable solution, managed by a professional RN
  • Avoid staffing short shifts, handling after-hours events, and experiencing service failures
  • Share valuable wellness insights with your clients
  • Keep prospects happier, safer, and in your pipeline

When a client needs traditional home care in the future, Lifeguard brings you back into the care plan, working alongside your team and sharing our helpful Wellness Insights.

We can help your clients.

Lifeguard’s high-touch, personalized service helps older adults feel safer and more supported 24/7 so they can continue to live independently with confidence. And our Monthly Wellness Reports give family members actionable Wellness Insights—and peace of mind.

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Our service is the perfect solution for older adults who want:

  • A trusted RN to help navigate health and wellness services, offer advice, answer questions, and keep family members informed
  • Monthly Wellness Reports to help spot physical and cognitive issues before they become serious problems
  • Wellness Insights and data that are secure and private
  • More affordable and less intrusive 24/7 coverage
  • An emergency plan in place if needed, with a RN to manage it and a 24/7 urgent response team
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What are the benefits of joining Lifeguard?

You can help more older adults in your community live independently at home for longer.


Bring on new clients earlier on their care journey—and keep them longer, living safely and independently at home.


Get a Lifeguard RN who partners with your care team, keeps them informed, and helps manage emergencies.


Better anticipate your clients’ care needs using our wellness insights and 24/7 AI monitoring data.


Differentiate your agency by offering future clients a pre-home care solution and current clients more informed, 24/7 coverage.

We work closely with you and your team.

And we handle everything—signing the client and assessing needs, partnering with your team, sharing our data and Wellness Insights, checking in and communicating with clients, and passing clients on to you when they need traditional home care.

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Your Lifeguard RN

A Lifeguard RN partners with your team, your clients, and their families to support healthier, longer independent living at home. We meet the client, then design a personalized Wellness Plan. Our Lifeguard does weekly client check-ins, building a close relationship, and shares insights with the family to help them make informed decisions and navigate health and wellness services.

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Lifeguard’s Lookout System

Lifeguard’s Lookout System, discreet smart sensors powered by AI monitoring, learns a client’s lifestyle patterns in their home, gets smarter over time, and detects changes in behavior that indicate a potential health or wellness problem. If a fall or other emergency is detected, an automatic alert goes to our urgent response team, the trusted care circle, and EMS if necessary.

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Monthly Wellness Reports

Using our real-time 24/7 data, we develop Wellness Insights that agencies, clients, and families can use for better care planning. Every month, our clients receive a Wellness Report with details on sleep quality, bathroom use, mobility patterns, and more. All data are secure and private. In the event of an emergency, we provide an Incident Report to keep care teams and families informed.

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Do you see the future of care at home?

Join us! We’re on a mission to partner with just a few of the best agencies and geriatric care managers in the San Francisco Bay Area and South Florida. If you share our vision for extending independent living at home and providing a more efficient way to serve more older adults in your community, let’s work together.


We handle everything at no cost to the client or our agency partner. A member of Lifeguard’s Tech Team installs the hardware, tests to verify performance, and does all hardware maintenance and removal when needed.

If the Lifeguard Lookout System detects a possible fall or other medical emergency, an automatic alert goes out to our Urgent Response Team and to EMS if necessary. The Lifeguard RN helps to manage the emergency plan, contacts the approved care circle, and follows up by sharing an Incident Report with the family and the agency team to ensure proper care planning and support going forward.

A Lifeguard RN does the initial client meeting and Wellness Consultation in person, then checks in weekly by phone and may conduct follow-up assessments in-person as needed.

Lifeguard shares a comprehensive Monthly Wellness Report with the family and agency care team or care manager as well as Weekly Wellness Snapshots and Incident Reports, as needed. Our Lifeguard RN works with the agency team to determine the optimal frequency and method of communication for each client to keep the professional care team informed.