How Lifeguard provides extraordinary care and compassion

Lifeguard is currently providing concierge care services in sunny South Florida, with plans to expand across the country. Outside of South Florida and interested in our virtual and in-person hybrid services? Contact us today and request a Lifeguard tower near you.

Lifeguard is a hybrid mix of in-person and virtual support collaborating with an experienced network of clinical care providers. Each loved one’s care is customized to fit their own unique needs, but our service always begins with a dependable, engaging, and empathetic in-person home experience.

Lifeguard is not a replacement for a trusted primary care physician. The goal is to ensure the prescribed care is followed through and that the patient has access to an exceptional network of clinical experts that work to help maintain independence. With permission, the Lifeguard team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with numerous clinical experts and family members.

Collaborative care can only be successful with transparency. The more you know about your loved one’s care, the better. We believe that information is critical to education and understanding, and that stress and frustration are often rooted in the unknown. Lifeguard is here to relieve the burden of stressful aging at home

We take the care of our seniors seriously and treat them as if they are a member of our own family. We ensure that each registered nurse is qualified by conducting a thorough criminal background check, alongside an extensive screening and training process to work with us.

We are here to support you with exceptional care

Lifeguard Nurses are ready to help answer your questions, support you or your loved one’s health and wellness, and make life a lot less stressful. Whether you’re considering care for the first time or you’re well along your care journey, let’s talk. Lifeguard is both a discrete way to introduce care in the home—and a smart, affordable way to augment traditional home care.

To learn more about Lifeguard, please give us a call or send us an email.