Lifeguard Health | Wellness Support for Seniors
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Worry less, live more.

That’s just one of our promises to the older adults we look out for—and the people who love them.

We built what our parents needed.

A personalized wellness support service that’s discreet, efficient, and reliable.

A service designed by our team of age-in-place experts with decades of combined experience.

A service led by a caring local RN who checks in regularly and stays highly informed using Wellness Insights from our state-of-the-art technology.

A service with a customized emergency plan—and an expert RN to help manage it.

A service that keeps you informed to ease your worries and to help you make the best decisions—and comes at a set price every month so you can plan and budget with no surprises.

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That’s Lifeguard. The smarter way to look out for your health and wellness as you age.

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Is Lifeguard the right solution for you?

Lifeguard is specifically designed to support independent older adults who live at home and are proactive about their well-being.

Our unique in-home service is structured yet flexible enough to meet your individual needs today and adapt with you over time.

Does this sound like you or your loved one?

  • Lives alone—and wants to live independently with less worry
  • Has had a fall, recent diagnosis, or a life change like the death of a spouse
  • Is looking for some support and help navigating health and wellness services
  • Has emerging health issues but isn’t ready for or wanting caregivers
  • May feel isolated at times and would enjoy more human connection
  • Is comfortable with technology and able to use a smartphone
  • May have had a fall—but is not an extreme fall risk
  • Could benefit from a local RN providing support, check-ins, and guidance
  • Has family who are worried about their safety and may feel overwhelmed or unsure about the best way to help

Let’s be honest. You have options.

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Move out of the home you know and love.

Icon of family, friends, and caregivers.

Lean more on family, friends, or caregivers.

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Change nothing and hope for the best.

Lifeguard’s Lookout Tower.

Join Lifeguard and invest in your ability to live at home safely.

Lifeguard is like an insurance policy that allows you to protect your lifestyle, your independence, your safety, your family relationships—and your overall health and wellness. Small investment, huge return. We think Lifeguard is the smarter, safer, better option for many older adults. We hope you agree.

We Can Help In Many Ways.

Lifeguard’s high-touch, personalized service helps older adults feel safer and more supported 24/7 so you can continue to live independently with confidence. And our Monthly Wellness Reports give family members actionable Wellness Insights—and peace of mind.

Older woman holding her shoulder talking to younger female nurse.

Our service is the perfect solution for older adults who want:

  • A trusted local RN to help navigate health and wellness services, answer questions, keep family members informed, and offer wellness advice
  • Monthly Wellness Reports to help spot physical and cognitive issues before they become serious problems
  • Wellness Insights and data that are secure and private
  • More affordable and less intrusive 24/7 coverage
  • An emergency plan in place if needed, with a dedicated RN to manage it and a 24/7 urgent response team

We’re care team players.

But we’re not caregivers. We’re more like your expert wellness partner, a caring RN who looks out for you, your safety, and your overall well-being. And we’re flexible.

We work directly with families.

Lifeguard is an ideal solution if you’re just beginning to need some support. Your Lifeguard RN will:

  • Design your Wellness Plan
  • Partner with you to meet your goals
  • Check in weekly and build a trusted relationship
  • Review Wellness Insights and make recommendations
  • Keep family caregivers informed
  • Help manage urgent wellness needs and emergencies, 24/7

We also work with care providers.

Lifeguard can integrate seamlessly with your existing care services, offering added Wellness Insights and after hours support. Your Lifeguard RN will:

  • Work closely with your care team
  • Share 24/7 Wellness Insights and recommendations
  • Augment your current care plan
  • Keep family caregivers informed
  • Help manage urgent wellness needs and emergencies, 24/7
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Lifeguard helps you protect what you love most, your independence, safety, privacy, and well-being—and your family’s peace of mind.

What are the benefits of joining Lifeguard?

Staying informed means staying independent longer.

  • Real Connection
  • Your Lifeguard RN meets with you to understand your health and wellness needs, checks in weekly and builds a close, supportive relationship—and keeps you and your family informed.

  • Expert Advice
  • Your Lifeguard RN partners with you and your family, helping to navigate health and wellness services, sharing Monthly Wellness Reports, and supporting your overall well-being at home.

  • Early Detection
  • Our Lookout System uses discreet smart sensors to learn your lifestyle patterns and detect changes that indicate a potential health or wellness problem—and sends automatic alerts after a fall.

  • Helpful Information
  • Using our real-time 24/7 data, we develop Wellness Insights that can be used for better care planning and shared with your physician and care team. All data and insights are secure and private.

Ready to get started or learn more?

Let’s talk. Just give us your contact information and we’ll get back to you right away.


Lifeguard does not provide traditional care management or care coordination for our clients. We do work closely with geriatric care managers who want to supplement their service with more comprehensive wellness information and 24/7 support for their clients.

At this time, we’re offering Lifeguard services to new clients who live in the San Francisco Bay Area and South Florida. We plan to expand to additional markets soon.

Lifeguard is not a replacement for medical care. We gather real-time data 24/7, deriving Wellness Insights that can be shared with your primary care physician and others on your care team.

If our Lookout System detects a possible fall or other emergency, an automatic alert goes to Lifeguard’s Urgent Response Team, the trusted care circle, and EMS if necessary. Then we follow-up with an Incident Report with recommendations to ensure that the care team stays informed and follows best practices.