How AI Enhances Current & Future Care Needs

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a ‘buzz phrase’ that equates to replacing computers and technology for humans – at least in healthcare! What is important to know is that AI is playing an important role in supporting real-life nurses who can lean on technology when possible for added and clinically valuable insights.

Very similar to incorporating statistics into every day life, Lifeguard is able to collect the unique individual data from sensors and start to build a model which highlights when falls or other preventable events could happen based on decades of understanding of what pre-fall movement looks like. As special and unique as we all are, our health warning signs really unite us all! With this type of information the daily care team not only is able to support the immediate needs of the patient, but also start planning preventative care to avoid something more serious down the road.

Although there is some caution by seniors concerned that AI is going to replace humans, we feel the opposite. AI is just a new tool to help protect and support the current and future care of each individual we are committed to support. Technology allows us to not only ensure care coordination between home health aides and the Lifeguard Nurse, but also allows us to share with primary care and other important clinical partners like pharmacists, nutritionists and physical therapists.

Finally Lifeguard continues to support the extended family who care about the important seniors in their lives. Beyond ensuring the day-to-day care is provided, the explanation and acceptance of future clinical events is something that is critical to helping ensure the best independent care is offered. AI helps prevent the “what if” by getting in front of “it” as best as possible. We know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, however we also know that good diet and exercise with strength training to keep balance and core strong is so important to remaining well. Let Lifeguard talk you through our care and technology offerings to support the best possible lifestyle for the important seniors in our lives!

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