Lifeguard Health | Live Your Way as You Age
Happy older man at home sitting in a wheelchair and petting his dog.

Live your way.

We’re bringing independent living home, with the right level of support and the right information.

The process is simple—and personalized.

Number one

Your local Lifeguard RN does an in-person Wellness Consultation to get to know you, your health conditions, wellness goals, and home environment, then designs a Wellness Plan for you.

Number two

We install the Lifeguard Lookout System in your home that learns your healthy lifestyle patterns, gets smarter over time, and sends an automatic alert if a potential fall or medical emergency is detected.

Number three

Your Lifeguard RN partners with you and your family, building a trusted relationship, checking in weekly, sharing Wellness Insights, and helping to manage any emergencies.

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Lifeguard sets you up for success to live independently longer in your home, with greater confidence and safety—and an emergency plan in place, just in case.

Lifeguard RN smiling and ready to help.

Your Lifeguard RN is the MVP of your team.

She’ll get to know you, your health conditions and wellness goals, then design your personal Wellness Plan—and become your trusted partner. Your dedicated Lifeguard RN will:

  • Assess the home environment for safety
  • Provide preventative support to extend independent living
  • Offer human connection to avoid feelings of isolation
  • Set up an emergency plan and helps to manage it
  • Work directly with family caregivers or your care team
  • Coordinate with care professionals to augment existing home care or care management, if needed
  • Keep family members in the loop and able to make more informed decisions
Older man stretching on yoga mat in his home.

Your Wellness Plan helps you meet personal goals.

Are you wanting to be more active and social? Would you like to improve your balance so you can walk every day? Are you looking for a way to eat healthier? Want to sleep better at night with fewer safety worries? Your Lifeguard RN can help with these types of goals and much more:

  • Staying hydrated and taking medications
  • Finding trusted local services
  • Understanding options, resources, and next steps
  • Keeping the home environment safe and comfortable
  • Maintaining a plan for healthy weight
  • Reducing stress and worry for family caregivers

We translate behavior patterns into helpful Wellness Insights.

Lifeguard’s Lookout System never sleeps—so you can rest easier. Our in-home smart sensors silently gather data 24/7. Your Lifeguard RN reviews the behavioral patterns, translating them into Wellness Insights you can use to track your progress and spot small issues before they become more serious. Your Lifeguard RN provides timely, consistent Communication, including:

  • Monthly Wellness Report with a comprehensive summary
  • Weekly Wellness Snapshots as needed
  • Incident Reports after a fall or other medical emergency
  • Phone check-ins with family members when scheduled
Woman with gray hair reading Wellness Report on her laptop.
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Our technology shines a light on the gray areas.

Lifeguard becomes your family’s eyes and ears—without any eyes or ears. Our proprietary Lookout System uses no cameras, only discreet in-home smart sensors to help keep you safe. It learns your healthy lifestyle patterns, spots any inconsistencies that indicate a potential problem, and generates Wellness Insights to keep your Lifeguard RN and family informed.

We’re your Lifeguard Lookout System.

We look out for you so you can live independently at home with more confidence and safety. We always respect your privacy—all data and Wellness Insights are private and secure.

Line drawing of a modular platform that connects the Lookout System and transfers data securely.

I’m the brains of the bunch.

I keep everything connected and communicating smoothly.

Line drawing of Lifeguard Call Button.

I’m your Lifeguard Call Button.

Press me and I send an alert to our Urgent Response Team, then we contact your trusted circle.

Discreet smart sensors help keep you safe.

We handle all installation and maintenance of hardware in the home to ensure that your Lookout System performs and informs, 24/7. We’ll configure your system based on your home size and layout, including components like these:

Line drawing of a motion sensor.

I’m a motion sensor.

Line drawing of entry door sensor.

I’m an entry door sensor.

Line drawing of fridge door sensor.

I’m a fridge door sensor.

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Get reliable, professional support at a set price.

Lifeguard’s service comes at a set monthly price so you can plan and budget with no surprises.


It’s our in-home system of discreet, smart sensors (no cameras or listening devices) powered by AI monitoring. It learns a client’s healthy lifestyle patterns in their home, gets smarter over time, and detects changes in behavior that indicate a potential health or wellness problem.

Yes. Your privacy is our top priority. All data and Wellness Insights are secure and private—and will not be shared without your written permission. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

No long-term contract is required. Lifeguard’s client agreement can be terminated at any time when your service needs change. Please review the agreement for details.

Following the initial in-person Wellness Consultation, your Lifeguard RN checks in on a weekly basis by phone. Additional check-ins may be scheduled by appointment, depending upon your Lifeguard’s schedule and availability.

Your Lifeguard will schedule an in-person visit to reassess the client’s current conditions and needs to remain independent and then work with the client and their family to develop a revised Wellness Plan that provides the right level of support.