Lifeguard Announces Company’s Launch with Registered Nurse-Led Concierge Care Coordination Service To Enhance Healthy Aging At Home

April 6, 2023

April 6, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Lifeguard today is pleased to announce the Company’s formal launch in bringing an elevated concierge care coordination service combining experienced registered nurses and proven wearable and digital technology to support healthy aging at home. Under this innovative new in-person and virtual hybrid care coordination approach, an experienced registered nurse enhances the at-home care experience by partnering with premier licensed local home health agencies to ensure that an aging senior’s physical and emotional care needs are met and exceeded. By tracking seniors’ activities and movement patterns via in-home monitoring technology, Lifeguard’s service enhances a loved one’s current care, while providing families with much-needed peace of mind. Lifeguard is launching in the Palm Beach area with expected expansion across Florida in 2023. 

By coordinating a senior’s complete health and wellness, Lifeguard is designed to mitigate the challenges an adult child faces when caring for and worrying about an aging loved one. Beyond managing a senior’s home healthcare, a Lifeguard registered nurse will visit in-home to ensure that the individual’s care network is both proactive and reactive. Lifeguard’s concierge care coordination service brings accountability not only to aging loved ones but also to extended family members by reducing the burden and stresses of supporting independent living. 

Lifeguard not only strives for the best care in the present but also keeps a focus on potential mobility and activity challenges in the future by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Continuous learnings from each unique patient captured from in-residence sensors and wearable technology can accurately ensure that current care takes future needs into account before a crisis arises. AI technology is proving to be invaluable when paired with in-person hybrid care. Lifeguard is thrilled to be pioneering a new and clinically validated care model to independent seniors.  “Everyone wants to enjoy their most cherished and hard-earned senior years to the fullest while maintaining their independence,” shared Nathanial Findlay, founder and CEO of Lifeguard. 

“At Lifeguard, not only can we help you do that, but we also support the ‘adult children’ who worry about managing a parent’s care while juggling their own busy families, careers, and interests. I started the Company to address both issues – reduce the care burden of the adult child and elevate the quality and accessibility of senior care through our proven concierge care coordination model. We believe Lifeguard will not only improve care but also enhance how families spend quality time – enjoying each other’s company and talking less about stressful healthcare.” 

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