Technologies you can count on

Collaboration, rigorous reporting, transparency, and accessibility are critical to success in healthcare. Lifeguard has built a proprietary digital portal that allows all stakeholders invested in a patient’s health and wellness to engage with the patient, as well as share, review, and access information through popular existing technology devices.

Patient Interface

For mom or dad, an important piece of maintaining independence is keeping track of their own schedule. The patient can quickly access a detailed calendar showcasing each day’s visitors, engage in integrated video call and chat technology, receive medication reminders and alerts, and even enjoy their favorite games.

Continual Patient Monitoring

Your loved one’s sleep, steps, heart rate and rhythm, and oxygen saturation are monitored continually to ensure their safety. Lifeguard also utilizes fall detection and location tracking software, medication and appointment reminders, and an emergency SOS button. With all of this information synced to the Lifeguard App, you and your loved one’s care team will be in the know 24/7.

Family Interface

You can access information and updates about your loved one at any time of the day. You’ll see up-to-date notes detailing your loved one’s care team visits, mood, medications, and activities. You can also exchange photos with mom or dad, providing you with peace of mind that they’re getting the support they need.

Lifeguard Interface

With a comprehensive view of the care your parent is receiving, your designated Lifeguard oversees and manages every step of your loved one’s care, ensuring the highest level support for mom or dad and peace of mind for your family. Your Registered Nurse receives real-time updates from all members of the care team in order to manage the best possible care today and plan for positive future outcomes.

Patient’s Virtual Assistant

Daily tasks are made much easier with the help of a virtual assistant smart speaker. This technology can assist your loved one in making and receiving phone calls, creating to-do or shopping lists, and setting alarms and reminders. It can also ensure safety by calling for help, turning on lights, and activating security systems or features.

Technology Hub

Lifeguard’s smart technology learns your loved one’s patterns, behaviors, and routine. This way, an accident or emergency can be quickly and easily detected.

Patient Door Sensors

For your loved one, independence likely means coming and going as they please. For you, unknown whereabouts can be worrisome. Door sensors track whether mom or dad is home or away, while also identifying if a visitor or guest is present.

Patient’s Help Button

For the times when mom or dad may be home alone, it’s comforting to know that they have a direct line to immediate help in the event of an emergency. With the press of a button that can easily be worn on a lanyard or the wrist, help will be on the way.